Hephaestos is a software for sound, light and electronic control room.

Hephaestos, the web site, everything is make on my free time. So please be indulgent. At present time Hephaestos can be download Alpha testing. Be free to test it, and please, give me some feedback on the forum. There will be always welcome.

Minimal configuration:

- 4Go Ram
- IntelCore 2 duo


- XP,Vista,7, 8, 10


- Osx 10.7 - 10.10
- Processeur intel 64 bits (intel core2 Duo minimum)


To use the save fonctions of Hephaestos you need to sign up , Hephaestos has a licence system. Every computer need is own licence file.
You can do it online or offline. Lunch Hephaestos and just fill the form
You will get back a _key.lsc file to copy into your Hephaestos folder to unlock the save fonctions on this computer.
Thanks a lot and have fun during your show.

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