- Driver directX, ASIO et WASAPI on windows, CoreAudio on OSX
- You can use several soundcart on the same time to add more outputs
- Number of stéréo players: 100 tracks
- Direct outputs, sends or with a surround pan. The speaker on the surround pan are freely movable, you can adjust the radius of every speaker
- Time in, out and crossfade for every clip
- 44.1 to 192 kHz
- tree pan law for better audio results


- Cue recording on masters
- Many cues-lists
- import/export ASCII - Patch
- 12 presets curves and 20 user curves
- Chanels macro to controle every Hephaestos parameters by dmx
- Artnet in and out
- Enttec usb open (tested), usb pro(tested), usb pro mk2 (2 outputs or one input/one output)(tested), dmx king (not tested), dmx4all (not tested)


- Midi In


-Arduino library for Hephaestos usb com, easy to use. Based on enttec usb pro protocool.


Automation tracks to controle every Hephaestos parameters. Every automation clip are independant from the timeline.