Hephaestos is a software for control room.
Sound, light and electronic.

Hephaestos, the site web, the forum etc.. are developed on my free time. We never get enough.
Be free to download it, to test it, and please give me some returns and comments on the forum, like that I will be able to improve it.
They will be always welcome.
But please, it's important, contact us if you get problem during installation or if by use you detect a bug.

Be free, but please don't forget to be generous

Build an app cost a lot. Buy recent apple computer to stay compatible if i want to keep an OSX version, the web server, developpement programme, licences, etc...
And don't speak about time.

Please make a donation.


Hephaestos Capture


Make content for Apple is to expensive

It's not only the price of the last Apple computer with the last OS, to be sure to fully compatible with all users.
But know publish an app for Apple is necessarily associate with a Apple develloper program subscription for an amount of 99 dolars each years. Otherwise the most of essentials functions of Hephaestos, like reading audio files on the disque are block by Apple, for "security reason".

I don't get enough time and money to continue with an Apple version. So actuelly Hephaestos is not compile, test or update on Apple anymore.
I don't even have a mac anymore.

If the donations are enought, you will get the pleasure to see the Apple version back. And who know, maybe a remote on iOS.